The Dolly Community and the One that sends you over the edge

So I’ve been writing about these Jerryberry dolls and then spending hours (waiting for trains, students, models, the husband) browsing on Flickr in my spare time. And then it happened. I saw this picture:

Good Morning
“Good Morning” by Jodie Dee McGuire

Yeeeeeep. That did it. If you ever want to browse an absolutely stunning photographic doll feed that is horribly enabling, please look at her Flickr.

I decided I really loved JerryBerry’s after that, so I put a callout on the Facebook dolly group to look for two JB’s that I had fallen in love with in particular:


Make a Wish and Welcome Winter releases! I only just worked out how JB works, so you can’t just go back and buy your favourites, you need to look at them second hand. Within minutes of me posting my post, a lovely lady contacted me and said she had a Winter’s Coming Berry she was looking to re-home. I was over the moon!

The dolly community is such a rich and vibrant place with such talented people (photographers, knitters, crocheters, painters, makers, etc!) that I am so happy to be apart of.

Anyways, back to work for me. I’ve found a lovely to-scale London Telephone booth that would fit Nori that I need to photograph her in!