Marshmallows and Opal eyes

After receiving Aurelia from Nomyens back in May I couldn’t resist to send her two more dolls to customise. I wanted to introduce the first of them to you today – Marshmallow. A cutesy name for someone with a serious face!

Pullip Marshmallow

I wanted something completely different from Aurelia, so instead of going for the pale pinks and neutral browns that I selected with her, Marshmallow sports a delicious tiffany blue set of eyeshadows with a touch of purple, and peachy-pink lips.

Pullip Marshmallow

She sports royal purple eyelids. I ummed and ahhhed about her wig, but in the end decided on this wonderfully soft chocolate brown wig from Leekeworld. She originally came with plain black eyechips, but I upgraded them to these gorgeous opaline chips by Puppelina, that I think perfectly compliments her eyeshadow.
Pullip Marshmallow

She is a beauty! Even her simple clothes don’t take away from how pretty she is! She features that beautiful BJD shimmer that makes her photograph with that soft-focus glow.

She’s a pretty stunning addition to my Pullip family (which is now… too big, but you know) – but when they are this pretty….

I seriously am in love with Nomyen’s face ups and in general – custom girls. I love thinking about them and brainstorming with the artist to create something that is uniquely yours.

I think I might rebody her with an Obitsu, as her Pullip body is looking a bit worse for wear…

More pictures of her are available on her Flickr Album.