The Updated Liquid Wishlist

I remember rambling on a while back about wishlists girls! I’ve been able to feed some funds back into my hobby by selling some older girls, and doing some other work, trading some things… so happily my Dolly Kitty is healthy once more.

I wanted to revisit the wishlist from a few months ago to see how I have gone. But, also because I wanted to now re-rank the girls I really want. I’ve noticed that as I have been collecting more, I’m starting to understand what I like in a doll and my collection has therefore…”matured” with me. Hence, there will be a few girls leaving my dollhouse over the next few months.

Wishlist Girls Now Home

  • Alexis Emerald
  • Poison Girl Custom!!! (Yay for Toffee and Chibi!)

DSC_8159 DSC_8623

Wishlist Girls that I’m still looking for

  • Pullip Alura
  • Pullip Kiyomi
  • #1: Neo Blythe My Melody. I friggen love her. I’m watching Yahoo Japan auctions like a hawk hoping that she’ll pop up for a reasonable price. I’m just completely enamoured by her lilac cuteness. I love that stuff. I am actively engaged in an auction right now. It’s my 7th auction that I’ve tried on… her inflation is killing me.


Wishlist Girls No Longer on the Wishlist

These girls have moved to my “nice to have” but not “I’m frantically looking at Flickr every day for you” list. Hatsune Miku and xxxHolic continue to tug at my heartstrings though.

  • Blythe TebyA lyublyU
  • Blythe Hatsune Miku
  • Blythe Welcome Winter
  • Blythe B2 Holic (I loved xxxHolic!)


Girls Travelling to the Dollhouse

  • 2 x Simply Peppermint customs (from 2 of my favourite customisers of all time)
  • 1 x Les Jeunette custom ( I sent one girl away for a new faceup courtesy of my awesome friends)
  • 1 x Cadence Majorette Custom
  • Pullip Eve Sweet
  • Pullip La Robe Vert Claire
  • Dal Heiwa


The Wishlist of Unaffordable Girls

  • Hola Gominola Girly
  • Cupcake Curio Girly
  • I Have Wings Kitsune. She was FABULOUS.


Girls Looking to travel to a new home:

  • Pullip Nanette (adopted, and will be travelling)
  • Byul Secomi
  • Le Jardin Maman (adopted! On layaway~)
  • Dal Joujou

Things have changed a bit around here! Due to the AUD losing 30% of its value against the USD this year, my buying capability has dropped dramatically but, has been okay against the yen, so Mandarake is still awesome (pure evil). My husband has started to give me the “look”  because my dolls are everywhere now. I think I might have a dolly real-estate problem.

How are your wishlists going?

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