[Commission] A Little Blue Fairy~

A quick update today! Recently I’ve been working on a few commissions, and here is one that is almost done (still need to do her packaging!). I’d like to introduce you to the Blue Fairy.

Blue Fairy She started as a MIO faceplate that was sent to me, and here she is wearing a Leekeworld Mohair wig with a Chuthings top and a BRH skirt.

Blue Fairy

She’s had her eyelids painted a starry metallic blue and purple, her eyechips handpainted a starry blue, her eyeshadow is a gradient between a sapphire blue and a deep amethyst, and she has swarovski rhinestones on her temples!

I can’t wait to show you how she will travel~ I’ve been working on a little box for her and another commission. I finished cutting all the timber and card yesterday to assemble her box 🙂





Hope everyone has been having a wonderful week!

Also, I’ve finally managed to create a Facebook page for my work and commissions! Please drop by and say hi!