Eve Sweet – Saccharine and Pink

Eve Sweet is a Springtime (well… at least in Australia) release that is so filled with sugar she kind of left me flabbergasted. She’s overly saccharine, soaked in pinks and pastels, and all-in-all… a little bit different. Let me introduce you to the mori-esque pastel girl, Eve.

“Among Bright Roses….. Smile unwillingly….. Seems to bloom until my heart splendidly….Feel Like So.” 

With a quote like that, how could you not expect her to be the way she is!

Eve Sweet is the first (in quite a while) completely original release by Pullip – she’s not an Alice doll, a re-colour, re-release, or collaboration. In fact, the last dolls I can think of that were completely original were Meg and Scarlet in August and October of 2014. Eve came to my doorstep from Japan completely dripping in honey and coated in unicorns. I kid, but then again I kind of don’t. It’s literally like she rolled around in pastel rainbows – or raided Little Twin Star’s wardrobe and decided to steal the colour palette. Check out the box she came in!

Pullip Eve Sweet

Her box is pastel rainbows. I mean, completely pastel rainbows. She’s from the “Innocent Flowers” series (there’s a Dal that has been shown in some sneaky pics too) and that is emblazoned on the top right hand corner. She peers out at you from a pastel green background, and the front of her dress looks like she kind of… I don’t know, stole a pastel bouquet and then used it as a broach. She’s lacy – oh so lacy – and flowing with chiffon, more lace, more chiffon ribbons, more lace ribbons… all in pastel of course.

(apologies if I sound a bit shocked… I mean, I was, I didn’t expect her to be this… rainbow unicorn)

Eve Sweet Pastel Box

Check out the side of her box! More ribbons! More Pastel! More Rainbow!

Pullip Eve Sweet

I look into the box again. There she is, still covered in flowers. She doesn’t come with many “extras” (just the outfit, shoes, and sky-blue-minty stand)… I could say at this point I was a bit nervous in pulling her out. I noticed some other interesting details (which we will cover soon) and I was worried the pastels were contagious. Eve Sweet is by far the girliest Pullip out there (I’m talking that ‘girly’ descriptor when you are 5 years old and you think that everything girly is pink and flowers and you haven’t grown to love One Direction/ Backstreet Boys/ The Beatles (whichever generation) and you are still filled with innocence. This  must have been where they got her name from). It’s quite a title to have, being the girliest Pullip, this comes from a company that also makes dolls covered in sweets (Joujou I’m looking at you).

Pullip Eve Sweet

I freed Eve from her pastel rainbow encasing and was walloped by a sea of lime green… and… so many colours that I wasn’t sure of the names. I had to take out my Derwent pencil box to try to match up some of these colours. Imma gonna describe these to you, as they blazed their way into my eyeballs. She had this giant “soft pink/peach” tassle bordered on cream. Her dress is a lacey qhite with a ring of lilac ribbon and baby pink detailing. The centre of her dress is Yellow Ochre (thank you Derwent), she has little Pale Mint/ Grey-Green leaves on her skirt and bodice. There was linen there, somewhere too. But I was more distracted by her face. She has one of the most unique face-ups I have seen in a long while.
Pullip Eve Sweet

Here’s a close up. It’s unlike anything I’ve seen – I scrolled through Pullip and Junk’s amazing Face-Up index to check… but there is a very different way of how they have coloured her face. It seems a lot like what face-up artists like Nomyens or PG would do. There’s really subtle contouring involved in the face-plate. They’ve certainly tried something different. Her face-up is done in tones of pink and yellow. Her eyechips remind me a lot of Steampunk Alice’s in shape and flatness. She has magenta lips, which have tiny dots painted in the corners that are pointed downwards. I think this gives her a bit of a puckered expression.

Pullip Eve Sweet

Here she is out of the box. Her eyes have a faint winged liner. Her eyeshadow blends from pink in the inner corner to golden yellow just over the arch of her eye. The yellow is also underneath in the centre as well. The inner corners of her eyes are blushed a dark peach, and the centre of her face (on the bridge of her nose – quite unique) features a pink blushing as well. In the space between her chin and her bottom lip, Groove has also blushed that area yellow (that part was new to me!). Her eyebrows are small and dainty. The added pink and yellow contouring to her face makes it quite different! She also has long, spidery lashes.

Pullip Eve Sweet

When she closes her eyes – you guessed it! More pinkish-lilac pastel! Her eyes are nude but she wears a wickedly interesting liner colour.


Her hair is a blend of all different peachy-pinks. It’s like she went to a high-end hairdresser to get her locks a complex blend of colour. It makes for a beautiful wig. It feels a bit like Romantic Alice’s. It sits quite far back on her head though. I wanted to show you a bit of her headpiece – on creamy lace, and that peachy pink orange business you also see a giant furry pink pompom, a real feather, and a chiffon rosette.


Back to her stock for a bit. Her dress is like a big poofy peasant dress where she went to town with detailing. Her sleeves are wide and soft, and finished with lace. The flowers on her bodice (yes, i still can’t get over them) remind me of boxes I used to get as a child of the 90s. She’s a smattering of clashing pastels. She’s all the colours.


Under her lace over-skirt is a underskirt in a plane cotton.


The side of her dress is completely taken over by this giant pink/peachy…. kind of like her hair coloured piece of lace.


Bodice shot coz I couldn’t resist.  She has a high clown collar, and on the top of her bodice of pastel rosettes you can see a pale-grey-green satin covered in white netting, and a white lace trim. It clashes a bit with the creamy colouring of the rest of her outfit. But let’s not lie. The whole thing kinda clashes… it also kind of works, in a weird and wonderful way.

Pullip Eve Sweet

The back of her dress also has checkers(!) in the ribbon detailing, and you can see a dusty pink left side meet with a dusty green right side. You can also see in this picture faint stripes of lilac running through her hair.

Pullip Eve Sweet

Now… I’m not sure you can tell. But… her tights are fluoro yellow. I think they’re meant to be pastel yellow. But they look fluoro. I’ve been trying to avoid talking about it. It’s the most bizarre thing. Its like she put her tights on last, and because she couldn’t see past her rosettes she didn’t realise she put on fluoro netted tights. Her shoes, in the dusty-pink-peach are clogs. They’re unique! I’ve not seen Pullip shoes like that before. They have little chiffony ribbons on the top, and are a bit devoid of any detail (as they are clogs… probably the pullip version of Crocs) and they are kind of huge for her feet. It does give her a child-like look though.

Pullip Eve Sweet

And here’s a full body shot, with her complete in her fluoro tights, her clashing purples and greens, her pastel everything. I mean she’s eccentric enough in her colour selections that it kind of works – you either match everything together or match nothing, and she’s kind of done that.

Pullip Eve Sweet

She’s a pretty girl who seems like she’s sewn her own dress by rolling into her mother’s notions basket. From the 70’s or something. She’s a mori-themed flower child.

Pullip Eve Sweet

I actually don’t know what to make of her… so different she is. So lacey. So girly. So pastel. I was at a loss for words as I photographed her.

Pullip Eve Sweet

She’s pretty no doubt.

Pullip Eve Sweet

I stand by my first reaction. She’s like a rainbow unicorn thought her up. In the spring. In a field of flowers. What do you think?

Eve Sweet is available on back-order from Amiami for 15,300 Yen, and on Pullipstyle for $120.00USD.