Updated Commission Services and Finished Doll Pages

A quick little update.

Now that I am a bit more versed with making full commission girls, and how long it takes to get all the pieces together and shipped to me all over the world I’ve updated my commissions page. I’m now filling slots for February, with the idea of ordering pieces for your girl by the middle of January, and having everything ready to start by mid-February.

If you have contacted me but don’t see yourself on the Feb waitlist please tell me so I can put you on!


I’ve also finally gotten around to updating my Finished Dolls page. I was perusing the stats for my blog and realised that many people visited it… but I haven’t updated the list since August – and a lot of girls have gone by since then! I’m still not 100% happy with the layout, but we’ll see how that goes.

I’ve been trying to update my Instagram as much as possible (find me at @jannmakesthings) especially now as we are approaching holidays I have less time to post. I’ve got some amazing girls to share with you, especially those that have used the Project Dollhouse Hotelier service (ha!), including a beauty by IG Sirenita, and Nanuka.


I’m also working on updating my Wishlist. I think over the last year my dolly tastes have grown up a lot, and I’m thinking of re-homing some of my girls in the new year. I definitely am a lot more selective about the girls that I want. That and, I’m seriously running out of space.

I’ve also fallen in love with the new Kikipop’s recently, and can’t wait to show you guys how adorable she is (she’s on her way to me from Japan). And I’m completely umming and ahing over the new releases for Pullip, especially the gorgeous “My Little Prince” girls, and the spunky red My Melody. So many to choose from! Not to mention that I’ve gotten myself completely enamoured with the new February Blythe release of a translucent FBL girl.

February is going to be painful, and 2016 is going to be awesome.

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