Erendira, Eternal Beauty

Towards the end of last year, I had two spectacular visitors to Chez Dollhouse. I would like to introduce you to the first (and she almost needs no introduction), the ghostly Erendira, by the immensely talented Irene Garcia.

Erendira was a the most beautiful and kind maiden in the land, and on one stormy day, she slipped into the sea where the water claimed her life. The Sea-Goddess, noticing her beauty and great heart tried to save her life, but even the great might of a Goddess was not able to return Erendira to the land. So Erendira became a mermaid, destined to roam the seas forever.


In these pictures, she’s missing her stunning crown, but you can see that she truly is the Princess of the waters. The detail on her absolutely takes your breadth away, from the skull and star-fish encrusted rock that she sits on, to the delicate beading on her fabulous tail. Her body has a tiny silver heart peaking from behind her rib-cage, and she is airbrushed beautifully.


She’s done in the style of the calavera, inspired by Día de Muertosthe Mexican day of the dead, and the masks worn on that day. Her freckles sit on a grey-blue toned blush which sparkle like a little galaxy, and her lids are lined with an intricate flowery filigree. Her eyes have a stunning sparkling lilac stone in a silk flower, just frozen by the resin eyechip, and her forehead is painted with gorgeous intricate patterns in silver and black.


The attention to detail on the girl is amazing, to her silvery soft re-root by Blythe Laboratory, and the little skulls woven into her braid.


Her left facing eyes are a bright purple, that capture the light with a little glint and glisten.


Her second pair of front facing eyes have a sparkling pink stone in the centre, with the front like a beautiful shattered glass; broken gazes for a maiden’s beauty lost.


Her eyelids are glazed a gorgeous taupey-brown with little glimmers at the base.



I came across Irene’s work first in the book the Doll Scene, and at the time, I wasn’t sure. But, when I set eyes on Erendira I just… got it. She is amazing in every way, and hopefully I will one day have one of her girls stay with me permanently.

Erendira has safely made her way home to Irene now, which makes me so happy 🙂 May she continue to capture the hearts of many, to fill her silver one!