Nanuka & Little Red

I’m finally back from my work trip, so I wanted to introduce to everyone a very special visitor from late last year – Little Red Riding Hood by Nanuka.

You know the story. Little Red Riding Hood visits her grandma, but what big eyes she has! What a big nose she has Рand then promptly gets eaten by the big, bad, wolf (depending on which version you read!). This Little Red though, is something spectacular and fierce.


When I first pulled out Red from her box, I let out a little gasp. And then, I kept squealing. Her face is carved to the Nanuka style, with the little pouty lips, and strong black (proper unpainted lashes) and carnivale/pop colour makeup. She features a long flowing red hood, a gorgeous outfit complete with cuffs, ribbons, a handbag, and a golden butterfly headband. Each detail is to die for. Immaculate. Filled with love and care.


When her eyes click close, you see a softly blue airbrushed lid with thick, lush black lashes. How amazing are those details? The little red basket, the furry leather hand bag.


Look at her stand though. What a stunning creation. If you have ever seen Nanuka’s stands before, you can see that they create their own little world filled with magic and whimsy. Most fantastically in this though is the howling wolf, baring his fangs to the sky. Can you see the little chain around his neck? This little red will not be his dinner, in fact, I’m pretty sure that she has complete mastery over him.


DSC_9660And look, she was so innocent before, but *snap* those eyes turn a fierce owl-gold. Of course the wolf listens to her!


She stands proudly beside the wolf, completely unafraid. She is, beyond words, and beyond stunning. Little Red travelled home to Nanuka’s studio last month, and I am so honoured to have had such a wonderful character visit the dollhouse.