What do stars do best? Meet Yvaine

I remember years ago going to a movie without knowing really what it was about. I knew it was vaguely about magic, and love, and fairytales, and it sounded really quite grand. But boy, did I was not expecting falling head over heels in love with the characters (Tristan, with his amazing hair), the fabulous Pirates (De Niro, what a champ), and a pretty dysfunctional family dynamic. So when Cecilia asked me to make a doll of one of my accidental favourite movies ever, of course I had to say yes! So, lets meet our leading lady, Yvaine.

What do stars do best? They shine.”

That’s the quote that Yvaine is famous for, so, of course, I wanted her to be shiny.


Here’s a picture of Yvaine with her whole kit and kaboodle. I really loved the design I did for Emmeline’s box a few customs back, and modified the front to have a sweeping castle (Stormhold!) and the interiors with a pirate ship.


The centre of the box holds a mirror 🙂


The interior has a pirate ship sailing above the clouds.


Here is the back of the box and the back of the lid 😀


So, a little bit about Yvaine. I wanted her light, flowy, and glowy. Her hair had to be a cascade of blond, and I went searching for a wig much like Romantic Alice’s – and found one from Leekeworld that matched very well. It’s my favourite style wig because of how manageable the fibres are. It’s in a pale light blond, that I picked to match Claire Danes’ hair in the movie as close as possible.


Her faceup features a straight blond brow, and slightly darker underlashes. She has bright pink blush that accents against her pale skin. Her lips are a peachy-pink, but not over-full. They have been darkened in the centre, giving an allusion to deeper colour to her smile. She wears a silver-grey smokey eye, with the insides highlighted with a pearlescent white.


The darkening of her lips from some angles makes it look like her lips are slightly parted! Her gorgeous blue-grey eyechips are from Puppelina.


For her eye-lids I wanted something swirling in golds like her hair, silver like the star she glows to be, and blue like the deep sapphire dress she wears later in the movie. She has a slight cat-eye to widen her gaze. She has little stars and stripes painted on her lids, as well as a double layer of thick, black lashes. Her eyeshadow, also has a bit of violet mixed in to warm up the tones of her face.


Her dress is in a long pleated satin. I had commissioned Belle Magni to design and make something that fit her description of the character. I think it’s a lovely dress that has a pretty awesome train.


The dress flows way past her already long hair and doubles the length past her angles! It’s held up with some silver satin ribbon, with a few ruffles in her middle section.


She’s wearing shoes by Q-Magic Doll (and purple-grey tights). I love how the shoes have a little crystal on them to add that extra bit of sparkle. The shoes are a glittering opal white. Possibly completely impractical for adventures around the kingdom!


Around her neck is a sky-blue swarovski crystal necklace, because, as we all know, there was a bit of jewellery drama kicking off the whole story 😉


I am super-happy with how Yvaine has turned out, and hope that she is having a safe trip half way across the world!


I just really love the colour combination of the soft blond and the blue-grey eyes.



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