Bitten by the BJD Bug… and hello Kikipop!

So sometime last year I started researching the BJDs (Ball-Jointed Dolls). You could say that my interest had already been spiked by the addition of the JerryBerries to my family – and people do say Blythe and Pullip are gateways to the land of BJD.

And they would probably be right. So what did I just do…?

Around Christmas last year, I had a new fun girl come into my family. She was a blond little angel, and she was a Kikipop by Azone. Kikipop are generally resin dolls, but this new version was made in plastic, which meant that they were more accessible and affordable. The original Kikipops sell out fast, and expensively.


Kikipop girls arrive in some of the most adorable boxes ever. They have a plastic slip case, which encases more protective layers. I love how the girl just peeps out at you – and you can see her in her full glory.


So far, all of the Kikipop releases have been in pairs. At the bottom of the box you can see the Marmalade girls, released in pink and brown bobs. When I saw the promo photos for this series “Romantic Frill Sugar” I was completely enamoured with their adorable faces.


I ummed and ahhed for ages over which girl I should get, but in the end decided I loved the blue girl’s stock and colouring more – even though I’ve always been a lover of dark-haired dolls!


Here she is slid out of her box. You can see that she comes with a lovely baby-blue dress, a pearl necklace, a sleeping mask, and violet-grey ballet flats.


Look how cute her little feet are! She also comes with an extra pair of hands, a stand and a fur bracelet.


Here she is out of her box! She stands like an absolute champ, and is quite posable. Her hair is of good quality, and I love the little Hime cut on her.


Her whole body seems awfully cuddly! She’s a small doll – shorter than both my Pullips and my Blythes, but around the same size as my Jerry Berry girls.


She waves hello! The ribbon for the top of her hair sits upon it via a little clip.


Look! She says, she found the golden snitch. I found that I really didn’t need to use her stand that much. It was such a… relief from the gravity defying stunts of photographing Pullips and Blythes!


I love how cute she is, how her expression is a little “:3”. I re-wigged her in a Leekeworld 6 inch which wasn’t too bad, but in the end I decided I loved her blond hair. Her chocolate-coloured bunny sister arrived this week ๐Ÿ™‚

But, I did say I was bitten by the BJD bug, and Kikipop isn’t exactly a BJD (at least this version, because she’s not resin!). Around June last year I had put down an order for a Lati Yellow, which finally arrived. When I have some time, I will be working on a faceup for the adorable little doll!

And then today, after months of umming and ah-ing, and then admitting to Oliveย that I had fallen for a Minifee Chloe, I bit the bullet and ordered her, jump-starting my want for a K07 Blythe girl (say what? NO! I’m still on the fence about which girl I want to send to Ken!). I am soo looking forward to doing her face up, dressing her up, getting her a wig and an awesome wardrobe. There’s a lot of things I’m learning about BJDs as I go along, but unfortunately I think I only have shelf space for one 1/4 sized girl.

Speaking of biting the bullet – there’s always that picture that sends you over the edge right? I’v been a Patreon supporter of the lovely Andreja aka. Nicolle’s Dreams and she just finished this series on a butterfly boho wig for one of her Minifees. Then she posted this picture... and it was love. Just love.

Do you remember pictures that sent you over the edge for some purchases? The enabling purchases? I’d love to see them!