And then, your heart melts. Meet Poppy.

That feeling when you open up the bubble wrap and these gorgeous, big eyes peep out at you, and then your heart explodes. BOOM. I was a goner, and this little girl had completely captured it with one wee peep. I’d like you to meet Popcorn, or Poppy.

Poppy started out as an Alexis Emerald. Alexis was one of my favourite stock Blythes – but it may have been that I loved every single customised version of her. She stood in the second row of my shelf, and when Tiina said that I could send her a doll to customise, I near out screamed with joy. Tiina has always been one of my favourite customisers, and I really wanted the girl that I sent her to be worth it… so I picked Alexis. My goodness, did Tiina work her magic.

Recap, before and after.


Brain explosion. Look at the details on her little lips! The lip lines! The delicate brows, the perfectly toned skin. I was amazed at how well Tiina had managed to do her complexion, from the shadows around her eyes to give her more depth, the peachy pink glow of her cheeks, and her exquisite little freckles.


And my goodness LOOK AT HER TINY TEEF.

I loved her so much that I, professional woman, lugged her around at work for a few days.


As soon as Tiina had shown me pictures of her, I knew I had to get her a new outfit. I splurged at Miss Blythe’s shop, and bought her this cute little number. She sometimes wears her hat and sometimes not, but I think the earthy blues and greens really suit her.


I love the little bob that Tiina cut her hair into. Honestly, I love her so much that I don’t know what more to say, besides dropping a whole bunch of photos of her. From every angle. All the time.


Poppy has this sort of character that makes you want to touch her little hand and ask her how she’s doing. She peers at you with her little chubby lips, and her chubby little cheeks and you can’t but help to love her. She has a little seat of honour on my dolly shelf.

I cannot thank Tiina enough for turning my girl into something so wonderful. She was created as a thank-you present, and every time I look at her I remind myself to be a bit kinder, more positive, and that there’s always good there, and to be good myself.

She’s the epitome of kindness for me in this dolly hobby, and I do love her for it.



On an unrelated note, I’m sorry I haven’t been able to post in a while, but you’d be happy to know that I have every now and again sneaked out behind my work to take photos of my dolls, and have been keeping instagram alive with photos before I write out the blog posts. They’re coming, they’re coming! I’m almost done with my bar exam, and after that, freedom! Dolly things! I have so many fun projects planned, and I can finally hit the next lot of commissions ❤