My little journey with Volks Saki

Those of you who have been following my dolly adventures know that I originally acquired my Winter for her SDGr Body, but then fell in love with her sculpt and had to keep her. It’s been a bit of a journey acquiring Saki and putting her together, but finally, I can show you! Here she is – the reason why I wanted an SD BJD in the first place!

Saki is one of Volks’ permanently in-stock basic dolls. I didn’t think much of her at the beginning, with her strangely yellow and awkwardly placed blush, but I came across her with some custom face-ups on Instagram which made me love her… and slowly, she became my favourite Volks’ sculpt.


She arrived from Volks about a month after I ordered her. I think I did it at a bad time, because she was processing for over 3 weeks although she was in stock. It was during their October “delayed shipping” time due to an influx of orders.  As a reference, I had another order from Volks in December that shipped in 3 business days.




As she was a basic girl, she came with a lucky dip wig (mine was a long black one), an owner’s booklet with my name on it (Mr/Mrs Jann lol!) and a little nighty.


Poor girl was a little exposed so a stuck a flower on her! She’s on an SD10 body, which is Volks’ way of saying “Kind of 10 year old body). I found it a bit chubby, with clunky knees. After about 2-3 minutes playing with it I realised I didn’t like that body very much at all, and headed off to the marketplace to find an SDGr body for her (which I loved from Winter). I found one on a facebook group from a Mytyl girl (body twins!) which took me a few weeks to bring home.


Here is a shoddy iPhone photo of her sitting next to my Winter with her default faceup (the basic girls all come with a default faceup)… it really was this strangely coloured. Browny colours near the tops of her cheeks, peachy lips, browns around her eyes. It made her look a little ill in my opinion.

Unfortunately I got Saki during the Australian spring which is a humid wet mess, and it took ages for me to be able to work on her faceup.


Here’s her default before I scrubbed it! Can you see all the hot glue in her eyes?? Volks hot glue guns all the eyes into the dolls (my other BJDs have come with eye putty) and required some soaking in warm water before the glue became soft enough for me to remove. I removed her faceup with 100% Alcohol, and it required minimal rubbing on my part, it slid right off.


Here she is with some softer pinks and a winged liner. I also lowered her blush so she had some “apples” on her cheeks.


Yey! I made her lips a more berry colour.


Here she is sitting at my studio with her new hair (a wig from Lullaby Poem) and her new SDGr Body. She’s also still wearing her nighty at this point, as I wasn’t able to find her clothes yet. She’s wearing gorgeous Mako eyes, but I found they didn’t photograph as well as the Enchanted Doll ones that Winter was wearing.


I got her some clothes from Nine9Style! It was cold at the time so I splurged a bit and got her this lovely jacket.


I’m super happy with how she has turned out 😀


BJD’s are funny this way, it takes me months to be able to finish a girl and put one together. It is definitely a hobby of patience.







And there we go! I don’t have a name for her yet (classic me!) but I’m sure I’ll find it sooner or later.