An Introduction to Dollfie Dream Dolls

By “an introduction” I really mean, “my introduction” to Dollfie Dream dolls. Doll collecting is a funny thing, at the beginning, you think you’re creeped out by a doll in particular, due to its big eyes, funny limbs, bobble heads, and then slowly you’re converted, and then coveted. That’s what happened to me with Dollfie Dream girls.

Whenever I make a decision that I am going to pursue a doll, I start by severely coveting, extreme researching, reading every forum, review, product information pamphlet available. That’s what I did when suddenly I fell in love with Volks Mariko Dollfie Dream. Mariko was not easily available, and I wasn’t sure I liked Vinyl, so I set out looking for a simple DD girl that I could see if I liked.

So, as you can read above, there’s the mistake already. Last year in my new years resolution and my reflection on dolly collecting I had mentioned that I should have just saved for the doll that I was loving instead of getting cheaper dolls to fill the void.

Filling the void I did, getting my first DD. She is on a semi-white skin DD3 (third version of the body) body. She has a DDH06 head, one of the default heads available, which sculpt I really quite liked.


Her head came blank, and I decided to do her face-up myself, and I LOVED doing it. Theres just something cartoon-like and illustration-like that comes with doing DD faceups, and reminds me of a time when I used to draw big-eyed sailor moon in my sketchbooks as a child.


Here she is all put together. She’s wearing an outfit from Wimukt, that was a bit tight (made for SDGr, SD13 size, but ended up fitting okay – thankfully you can easily pop out the arms and hands while you’re dressing them!)

I bought her some Urethane eyes from Lizanna! I picked this lovely golden colour.



Right after this, I decided that I sort of liked DD girls. I wasn’t 100% sure yet though, I liked how easy they were to pose and hold their poses, I did not like how easily they stained, and I wasn’t a fan of the vinyl smell.

I knew then that if I wanted to know if I really loved Mariko, then I would need to go get a Mariko, but that’s a story for next time.


Meanwhile, here she is. She’s still nameless, she’s wearing a coolcat bodysuit to keep her from staining. I’m still not sure about her, but she’ll stay at least for a while.