Miss Joaquim Visits Melbourne!

Miss Joaquim is the Blythe Carnival Singapore Travelling Doll, and I was lucky enough to have her visit the doll house in February, and we made some time for her to visit some Melbourne icons, before heading up the coast to Canberra!

I was wracking my brain on what are some of the more famous Melbourne landmarks, but she landed when White Night was happening! White Night is an all-night event in Melbourne where the buildings are lit with lights and sound and bright, poppy colours. I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to bring Miss Joaquim out on her introduction to Melbourne.

DSC_7682 (1)

I was wrong (LOL!) So hard to take photos in the dark haha!

Enlight1 (1)

Here’s some assistance with editing apps and a brother to take photos, and a husband to hold up the doll.  She looks pretty fabulous here. Look how amazing her poppy paint is!


Heres the only other angle I could get her in lit in the dark night!


The next day, we visited Hosier Lane, famous for all of street art and graffiti (also for some Banksy ) where she fit right in to the rainbow walls.


We also went to the Royal Arcade, a little laneway in the city. I love visiting there for the funky socks and little knick-knacks.


I then tried to take her to the beach (Australia is famous for beaches right?!). But Melbourne is also famous for 4-seasons weather in one day, so we started sunny but by the time I got to the beach it was super stormy.  So…. I would have to come back to that!

Enlight1 (2)

The National Gallery of Victoria had the Victor and Rolf show (apparently with tiny dolls!) so I took Miss Joaquim out for a visit. Out the front of the iconic building there is a wall of glass with cascading water, making the surroundings look like an impressionist painting. Miss Joaquim looks pretty spectagular there!


Finally, a sunny day arrived and I took Miss Joqauim to Brighton Beach, famous for its bright rainbow beach huts.



On her very last day in Melbourne (her visit went by too quickly!) she came with me to a little Blythe cafe date where she met Tinker Bexta, and her army of adorable Cupcake Curios.


It was great having her visit! I hope to keep seeing her travels in the future!