Quinn, a Forty Winks Doll


Christine of Forty Winks Doll Studio makes some of my favourite custom Blythes. I would always look at them longingly, with their pudgy cheeks (how did she do that?!), soft, plump lips and funny expressions. I was always torn between the little grumpy faced ones and the happy smiley ones. When Quinn showed up on Dolly Adoption, I just couldn’t resist.

I believe I might be Quinn’s third or forth owner. She’s travelled far to get to me, from the USA, the UK, to Australia. She started her life as a Primadolly Saffy, with her honey-golden hair. Christine breathed a new, grumpy, life to her. You can see her original album here. That little pouty face!

QuinnQuinn is absolutely gorgeous with four hand-painted eyechips, a dusting of freckles and Forty Winks’ signature flushed cheeks and pale lips. She has a lot of character!

Yesterday, I blogged about Nomyen’s Aurelia Pullip and how that ignited my love for pretty Pullips again (I go through stages of Blythe/Pullip Love) and well, Quinn… she made me really appreciate the artistry of Blythe Customs and how different you can make a girly look. And my goodness. She’s very photogenic.

Her eyelids are flesh-toned with cute little polka-dots. She has been boggled and gaze corrected, with cute new eyelashes.

QuinnHer purple eyechips catch the light like there’s little glowing embers inside.
She sports some stunning blue front-facing eyes too 😀 Windows to the soul, you could say.

She’s quite the cutie! I wonder how she’d look on a Pure Neemo!

QuinnThe full pink set – pink hat, bow, eyes, top and skirt. She looks quite unimpressed.

I absolutely adore her, I am absolutely loving taking photos of her – you’ll be seeing a lot of this girlie on this blog. Now, I’m on the search for a smiley Forty Winks. She must have a sister!