Gingerbread, the Smiley Sister

It was an exciting few days of Dolly Mail for me – it was the most frustrating thing having all these packages arrive but NO TIME to open them. I was home almost 4am every day. Eugh!

On my wishlist previously I was looking for a Smiley Sister for Quinn, and I patiently scrolled through the DA page hoping for one. Most of the time, the Forty Winks girls were out of my price range, but Gingerbread popped up and I had to have her, as I had fallen in love with her photographs by Christine of Forty Winks Doll Studio long before.

A Doll A Day. Dec 19. Merry Christmas.
Gingerbread by Forty Winks Doll Studio

This girl.

It’s always a special feeling when a girl you have fallen in love with suddenly becomes available!

Cookie-Cutter Eyes
Gingerbread is on a Friendly Freckles base, with flaming red hair, a cheeky grin, and rosy, blushy cheeks. Her eyelid art reminds me of gingerbread houses and sugary icing.

She was originally a Christmas doll (hence the Reindeer headwear) and came with this giant, shiny, golden bell. I’ll have to re-attach it on, as I’m sure nothing will please my husband more than a giant warning signal as I walk around the house with my doll.

(or not)

Gingerbread & Quinn

Here she is with her much grumpier sister. I’m not sure that they get along very well yet!
With the arrival of Nori, Les Jeunette and Gingerbread – my Blythe Dolly wishlist has come very close to a completion (with a Kenner on the way). This may be a good thing as I think I have no more space to put the girls!

Let’s hope I do not fall in love with anymore releases (except for My Melody of course)! Cherry Beach Sunset sold out within minutes, so maybe that one was destiny.