A Quickie Review on Natrume Wigs

I was asked on Facebook to do a quick review of Natrume’s Mohair Wigs. Natrume runs a shop on Etsy that sells Mohair wigs made only from Tibetan mohair fibres. Our model for today is Aurelia, who is kindly modelling the “Latte” coloured Pullip wig for us.

AureliaFirst off, the wig is extremely soft and lovely to the touch. Its very lightweight (it is a type of fur after-all), and curly at the ends, lending to a crazy-frizzy look. It really suits some of the girls though!

DSC_7250Natrume’s wigs come packaged inside a plastic baggie. The surprise is when you open it though, you are greeted with a nice, sweet scent (strange at first!) Quick investigations though revealed the culprit.

DSC_7254Lavender Satchels!

One of the first things I notice (as I wear black almost all the time – occupational hazard) is that you can get a lot of shedding of the fibres on you if you are handling the wig. Now, if you are used to having wigs made by Leekeworld or Pullip, the first thing you will notice is that the wig-cap for the elastic Pullip wig is very different. The cap uses a stretchy swede material that is sewn from panels.


I’ve turned it inside out on the above picture to make it clearer. Although squarish in shape, once it is on the pullip due to the nature of the wig style, you do not notice.


One of the funniest or confusing things about these wigs are that they are so evenly compiled all the way around that it is hard to determine where the “front” or the “fringe” would be. It is evenly distributed. As you can see on the above image, that is what the “front” (that I selected) of Aurelia’s wig looks like. In the end, I just clipped up her “bangs” to reveal her pretty face. The fibres are naturally wavy, finishing at a slight frizz or curl at the ends. The wig you see here is the “short” version.

DSC_7260DSC_7259One thing you should be aware of because of the nature of the Mohair and it’s thin fibres is that you may get a bald spot. Aurelia has a bald spot on the top of her head (see above photos).


It’s actually quite a big spot at times, as the wig-cap is also a different colour from the mohair. I find though that it is not that noticeable most of the time as you can easily clip or arrange hair over it. If you are looking for perfect hair parts on a Pullip, this type of wig is probably not for you!

Would I recommend the wig? Yes, even with the bald patches. There’s something about the fluffiness of Mohair wigs which just makes them so lovely and soft on a Pullip’s delicate mould. Natrume’s wigs are pretty good quality and amazingly soft to the touch – they are pretty affordable too, I can’t imagine them being easy to make!

What do you think of mohair wigs? Aurelia is definitely a fan!