The Red-Headed Mori Girl~ For Angela

Auburn Beauty~

I’m super excited to show you guys this girl that I have been working on. She’s just boarded a plane to the other side of the world, so now I would like to tell you a little bit about her.

One of my favourite dolly youtube channels is that of OmochaCrush  (seriously, I watch all the time, and my husband always grins at me because he would warn me that I would fall in love with the doll at the end. It’s a seriously enabling channel), and when the wonderful Angela contacted me and asked if I would make a doll for her, I was more than happy to oblige. Ang asked for a girl that was “perhaps red-headed”, “maybe some light freckles” or “mori themed”. I was overseas at the time and one day while scribbling in the sketch book and pinning mori-girls to pinterest, I thought to myself… why not everything? So this girl was born.

For Angela 

(I realised I didn’t get to take a photo of her with her little socks on before she left!) This girl was really a turning point for me. I’ve never had so much fun making one, and really experimented with some different techniques to achieve the effect I wanted. This was also the girl where I discovered the difference between my cheaper pastels and my professional pastels – how much filler there is and how much easier it is to place colour. I also whipped out the airbrush to do some sealing and blushing (as MSC is a bit funny nowadays). It was a full-on super fun intensive time!

The Work Table
The work table. Here I was painting the little loops and feathers on her eyelids.

It really made me love doing something that was a hobby but also super creative, and I felt chuffed that someone would be enjoying my work. I am lucky in my day job to do something that is completely design-oriented, but there is something so relaxing about making a doll- I cannot begin to describe. The little magic in creating her personality and character. I think it all kind of clicked here and I realised how much I loved doing it. I hope to do more in the future!

Filled with Flowers

So enough about my personal enlightenment, but more onto the girl!

This girl started off as a fair coloured Make It Own kit. I ordered mine from which has friendly shipping for those that live in the southern hemisphere. Unfortunately they are very popular and are currently out of stock.

For Angela

She has a hand-painted faceup consisting of peachy colours, earthy terracotta colours and browns. They are done using Mungyo & Schmicke Soft Pastels, watercolour pencils and acrylics (my goodness…. one day I’ll just write a review on pastels!!!) as well as airbrushing. She has glossy lips, and she’s sealed using a Liquitex medium.

For Angela

Let’s talk about the wig. The wig is a fabulous mohair by Natrume who provided it in this gorgeous red colour. I wanted to be able to braid it, so I ordered the longer one. This one is very different to Aurelia’s wig (review here) as the length is achieved by these strips of suede that have mohair attached to them (so you can see the suede). It’s definitely an updo wig, I wouldn’t put her hair down.  I weaved her hair with some silk flowers, and in keeping with the theme, with a creamy lace ribbon tied boho-themed like a headband to keep out her bangs.


I really love her eyelids. I painted tiny little feathery swirls on a golden and copper background in white, blue, and red (metallics!)

For Angela

I made her a special little wooden box to travel in – I assembled it from plywood and cut all the elements, which I then painted. The box holds her curled up tight and tied in. Making the box really made me want to start on my doll house! It was so much fun to paint!


Here she is again, sleeping inside. I think the background suits her colouring!

 For Angela

She’s wearing a dress from the LazyDaisyWorkshop on Etsy, with Puppelina eyechips.

In summary, work done:

  • Face-up in pastels, watercolour, acrylic and airbrushing
  • Sealed with Liquitex medium
  • Hair updo and wig styling (wig by Natrume)
  • Eyelid painting and new eyelashes
  • New eyechips installed (by Puppelina)
  • Special little box

I’ve had a ball! I hope to do a lot more commissions in the future. I absolutely loved creating a girl for someone that they had come up with! I hope she arrives to omochacrush safely.