New Instagram and a Sneaky Peek of a WIP

I’ve been stuck in bed all weekend, and didn’t get as much work done as I’d like. But, happily, I did manage to get started on a few of the dolls I have waiting for commission as I wait for the supplies for the others to arrive.

Up first was Kathryn’s Giveaway doll. I’ve collaborated with Belle Magni to make her a dress (which I can’t wait to show!). Kathryn asked for an ethereal beauty.
For Kathryn

I’ve really enjoyed making her so far! She’s quite different, and I love the colour palette of greys and purples. I’ll be making her little world for her soon too. Next up will be the goddess of the hunt this weekend!

MIO kit heads I’ve been prepping MIO kits (doing the base coats and the like and contouring) and this is the first time where I’ve had three of different colours on my table. From left you can see the Tan, then the Natural, and finally the Pale skin. Unfortunately I didn’t have the Fair on me to take a comparison photo.  Also, I’ve finally gotten around to making an instagram. You can find me at @jannmakesthings  – please drop by and say hi!