Winnowill, Lord of the Gliders and sender of Pain

When TimmiLynn asked me to create Winnowill from Elfquest for her, this required a bit of research. I wasn’t aware of the character at the beginning, but a few hours later… I found out. She is one wicked lady, more evil than Maleficient, and boy, did she relish in her actions. Her description on the Elfquest page reads, “Winnowill’s cold, calculating elegance is backed by psychic powers of limitless depth and depravity”. She was going to be a fun one!

It was a bit windy so her feathers were going everywhere…

For Winnowill, I looked at images in the comics and online of her makeup and markings. I tried to keep the eyeliner as accurate as possible, and gave her a wicked red lip, and arched eyebrows. She seemed to have a feather motif going, so I feather-patterned her metallic purple lids. She started as a MIO Kit in Natural, but I think that she also could have pulled off a pale one!

How deliciously evil she looks!

Her eyes, although always coloured black, I picked a pair of resin green and yellows from KiraKira, to make her look more wicked and other-wordly.


Winnowill lives on the blue mountains, so when it came to creating her photo-box, I wanted to replicate the scenery as much as I could. Below, you can see the reference images for the mountains and the throne room.

For the lid, I re-created the mountain scene, and the throne became the inside of the box. As always, the box is cut from MDF and ply and painted with acrylics.


I am kind of super proud of the lid.

Winnowill herself wears an elaborate head piece and furry cuff, and an amazingly accurate dress by Belle Magni of So Sweet Dolls. Her shins are bound in leather cord to replicate her comicbook self.

Winnowill in her throne room beside the mountains

For her face-up colours, I used a peachy blush which was also applied to the inner corners of her eyes, some pearlescent silver, then a deep sapphire blue centre, before whipping into a purple winged shadow. I wanted her eyes to be a bit different, and obviously a bit wicked.

I love how her eyes just lock into you.

Winnowill is the first girl finished for 2016 (and she started in 2015)! She has been with me for a while, and I will miss her wicked little face around the workshop!

Hear me roar

I hope that she has a safe trip home!



I’ll be in China for the next two weeks for work, so I apologize if I am not as quickly to reply as normal! I hope everyone is having an awesome start to the year 🙂