Miss Bubblegum enters the fray

About one day before I left for Shanghai, a very special box arrived at my doorstep. Unassuming and brown, inside, the box held a little girl of wonder, rainbows and colour! I’d like for you to meet Bubblegum, my very own G.Baby girl.

Here she is before her makeover… I think I’m just bad with Stock Peppermints!

About 6 months ago I received a pre-loved Simply Peppermint in the mail. Unfortunately, I just didn’t jive with her. Within weeks, I had pulled her Peppermint locks and sent her scalp to Patty Paris, who I asked to give her peppermint locks white creamy alpaca instead. Then I asked her to dye the hair blue and purple, and she did a fabulous job.

G.Baby – my Bubblegum as photographed by Gina.

I’ve always been a huge fan of G.Baby’s dolls. I lusted over their photos in the Doll Scene publication and her gorgeous creations on Instagram – so when she listed a face-up for sale on her Etsy, I kind of just pounced on it, and promptly sent her my Peppermint, with her new funky hair – because of anybody, Gina would be able to do the rainbows justice.

Gina probably gave me a little bit too much time to think about how I wanted my girl to look. I sent her a whole flurry of her girls that I had previously loved, possible colour schemes, and all just to tell her a day afterwards “just do what you think is right”. And boy, did she do an amazing job.

From Gina’s Instagram, featuring her fabulous nails and the first time I saw my new girl.

When Gina sent me my first photo of my girl I almost dropped my phone. Oh my goodness. I could not believe that it was Peppermint that I had sent those weeks before. She was fabulous. She had amazing hair style. She had amazing style, period. Look at that off-the shoulder jumper and ridiculous tulle skirt! Her perfect blue-purple bowed hair! Her funky glasses, her full lips.

Just Love. (By @gbabydolls)

I was in love.

mygbaby3 copy
A gorgeous flat-lay by Gina (@gbabydolls)

She arrived just after the new year, and I couldn’t wait to rip into her box. I had a few hours to pack for my business trip to Shanghai, so I quickly grabbed her a new outfit, and snapped some photos.


Of course, I thought she had to keep her signature love-heart sunglasses, which I found from Cherry Beach’s stock. I just popped the lenses out. But… isn’t she amazing? These girls just have a little spunk and attitude to them, a certain coolness, and I think they really reflect Gina’s creativity. I hadn’t been so excited in a while for a custom girl, probably not since my beloved Nori.


In one of my many emails to Gina, she had asked me what eyeliner I wanted. I sent her some photos, and then she posted something amazing with white liner. So I basically told her “Whatever you want” – and can you see? My girl hosts the most amazing double-flicked lilac liner. I ummed and ah’ed about her name – until I came up with “Bubblegum” – I had of course named most of my girls after foodstuffs and plants, and with such a fun colour scheme, I thought the name suited her.


Her eyelids are that gorgeous marbled metallic galaxy that Gina is famous for! With her eyes closed, you can also see her purple liner is preceded by a think line of black, adding to the cats-eye. Her lips are slightly apart, and very softly carved. Her nose has been rounded to a cute little button, she’s lightly blushed across the nose.


Can you see how her pull charms sparkle behind her? Gina picked crystaline balls of blue, white and lilac. Her cute outfit here is by Nenelle et Lalluli and she’s wearing shoes by Q-Magic Doll. They’re my favourite go-to flats – little kittens!


I couldn’t resist – so Bubblegum, although just landed, was going to take a trip with me to Shanghai.

It was raining in Shanghai.

I dressed her in a new Chuthings dress, a little Sweet Days hat, and a furry-hooded jacket with bone buttons – it was extremely cold, it even snowed for the first time in years. As it was a business trip, I couldn’t go around toting Bubblegum everywhere, but we did go to a legit Blythe store, which I will tell you about in another post.


We’re back home now, and I think we had one grand adventure (where we ate lots), and I love this new addition to my dolly family.

I’ve finally managed to let go of some girls that I was umming and ahing about, and I am so happy to see them in their new homes!

Now, back to eating, Happy Chinese New Year everyone!