An update on some commissions~

I’ve been busy working through my commissions list in the last few days, and have some images to share with you! The idea being is that I work through the entire commissions list first before I take anymore (and plus I am heading into a period of real-life work intensity)  and I feel bad if the waiting list is open for too long!


This first disembodied head is for one of my favourite dolly people in the world, Angela, and she’s on a mocha MIO kit. The mocha skintone is such a lovely colour (I was about to describe it as chocolate and coffee drink, but that’s actually what mocha is, they are true to their word). She’s wearing chips by the fabulous Puppelina. I’ve been experimenting with some new brushes and I’m finally liking how this brush works for fine lines!


The next girl is Athena, a sister to the previously completed Artemis. She is waiting for her box (you can see it cut in the background) before she is sent home. I went for a peachy-gold tone with her, and she is wearing chips by the lovely Almond Doll. I also had my hand in needle felting! Theres totoro! He’s a bit lop sided but I think I might try felting some things for my girls.


Athena is helping me model some props for a new Child of Light girl, the props are a commission. I can’t wait to see how the final girl is all put together! I’ve seen some great photos of her WIP, and I’m so excited XD


Lastly, this is Daphne, for the lovely Rachel (I have to apologize for the potato-quality photos, my workspace is not at home so I have to make do, and the sun sets so early this time of year!). Daphne is on a natural skin MIO kit. She’s got a neutral-coloured face-up with a lot of gold and browns. Olive says that it tends to look like I applied the Urban Decay Naked palette to the girls!


The sun had set, but a quick shot of Daphne’s lids.


How much difference a wig makes!

Hope you all have been having a wonderful week! I heard that one of my girls gets to travel to Disneyland soon! I can’t wait to see photos of her and her owner on their trip. It’s one of my favourite things seeing them travel the world 🙂