A Very Special Surprise, for a Very Special Person.

One day in July I was clacking away at my computer when I received a ping from an unknown messenger. “Hello” The message said politely. The message was from a Christopher, who wanted to surprise one of my favourite dolly people ever (Omochacrush) on her birthday with a dolly. And… because I love surprises, covert operations, dollies, and Angie, I gleefully typed yes, and our grand plan was in place.

Our first question was… what theme should the girl be? We ummed and ahhed for a bit, before we decided to make a little sister for my first ever commission for Angie, Clementine.


Flashback picture of Clementine!

So, being sisters, they’d need the same crazy hair, so I headed to Natrume wigs to find a suitable pairing. Then, she’d need an outfit. She’s younger, so I thought I needed something sweet for her, so I commissioned the lovely Petite Creayations for a bear-themed set in the right latte colour. Finally, some cute shoes and a bag from SK Dollhouse.

So then, I got to work.


Here she is, in her full outfit glory! How adorable is that little set from Aya? I love the craziness of her hair.


For her faceup, I picked peachy pinks, gold in the inner eye, brown on the outer (for a smokey look, and some pinks overall, a  mauvey lip colour, and rosey cheeks. Her eyebrows are brown and straight! She has a smattering of freckles over her cheeks and across the bridge of her nose.


Her eyelid patterns are a eggplant to gold gradient, with feathers over the top to match the design on Clementine.


Her box design has a tree (reminiscent of her forest sister) and a simple chandelier in the interior. The back of the lid has a special custom message for the birthday girl 😀

She kept me company for a few days while I was finishing all her parts!


It was the Australian winter, so it was really hard to get days clear enough to do her spraying! But, thankfully, the rain did clear up for a few days 🙂




Work Done:

  • Face-up in pastels, watercolour, acrylic and airbrushing
  • Sealed with MSC UV Cut Flat
  • Eyelid painting and new eyelashes
  • New eyechips (by Puppelina)
  • New Natrume wig
  • Special little photo box
  • New dress by Petite Creayations
  • New shoes and bag from SK Dollhouse.


So, I sent the dolly over to Christmas at the beginning of September and waited… and waited. Couldn’t the birthday come sooner! I was so excited for reactions… and then! I received the most lovely photo! Great success 😀

A few days later, I received the most lovely email from Angie, and boy, was it worth it!! My love for surprises and presents has only increased greatly.

It was awesome working with Christopher on this gift, and I hope Angie had a wonderful birthday! She gave the girlie a wonderful name too – Odette – classic, and “with a sprinkle of southern”.

So everyone, meet Odette.