Ruby, Oh Sparkling Ruby.

I mentioned earlier this year, that I was looking at a complete overhaul of my collection, and I apologize for not being able to update this blog as often as I would like, but hopefully that will get better soon, and life will be less hectic, with more dolly time. I want to introduce you guys to some of my newest additions, first and foremost, Miss Ruby.

Recently, I have had a few girls leave me. Plum, Nutmeg, Juniper, Clover and Bubblegum have all left for their new homes. Now that I am a few years into collecting, I had to be a bit more discerning of my collection (instead of the Pokemon Catch Em’ All method I was using earlier ha! –  at least that’s what I tell myself. The change in the roster was also because I had recently met Lilou, owned by the lovely Tinker Bexta, that I decided that I MUST add a Cupcake to my collection.

Lilou will do that to you…

So, I posed a few Want-To-Buys on Facebook groups and went to sleep. 2 days later, I woke up, to a flurry of messages (from Tinker Bexta, Alonso and others) that there was a Cupcake on hold for me. On Hold? How!? People had seen this Cupcake become available and remembered my post. I was beyond touched at how the community had notified me of a Cupcake, and, she could me mine if I loved her!

So then I saw her photo, and the rest was history, so they say.


Ruby’s fabulous hair and name come from her origin as a Gentle River girl. She originally came with her Gentle River body, but I realised I love my girls on Licca’s (I think it’s cuter!) so I swapped her over to that. She was also wearing her Cupcake Curio dress when she arrived (which is amazing… I must take photos), but I put her into this spunky leather jacket (from a Licca Fashion Pack, a gift from the amazing Olive) when I changed over her body.


I could not get over how adorable she was, with her little sheepish expression, and a little secret smile. She has some little flaws, her eyechips being a little damaged (which one day I hope to get fixed), but she is just too cute otherwise. I’ve had her coming to work with me for almost 3 weeks ha! Everyone knows Ruby now.


Also I have developed an addiction to fairylights, please excuse me.

Hopefully I can update you guys on some of my other girls as well! (Mint, Coco, and Birdie have also joined my family, so much for downsizing!) and they all need their own posts too. I’ve been in a bit of a posting slump due to real-life things, but I’m feeling a lot of love for my dollies lately 🙂