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The Hook

Nana-Chan by Les Jeunette on Flickr

There’s the first doll that you own – in my case a Hatsune Miku Pullip – and then there’s the one that gets you addicted. I had two when I really fell into the rabbit hole. My second Pullip doll was a Serenity Sailor Moon – another gift. One of my previous childhood loves was Sailor Moon, and when Serenity arrived at my doorstep I was completely fascinated by her delicate lace layers, her floaty dress and ridiculous high-heeled pumps. But I wasn’t hooked – yet.

The First

“I bought you a freaky-headed doll” my brother said, horrified.

Thus began my love of dolls. When I was little, dolls weren’t really my thing. I was definitely a stuffed teddy bear type. I did have two Barbie’s – one that was ‘Aerobic’ and did exercises, the other, was a barbie that went to sleep when you put a warm towel over her eyes.