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Suemomo returns to photograph Pullip Alice in Steampunk World

I was sad to see photographs for the newer Groove releases by a different photographer – I found that they didn’t have as much life as previously (and were much more flat in colour) – case in point being the newest Pullip Kanaria photographs! However, I was delighted to find that Groove had commissioned Suemomo to photograph their new Alice in Steampunk World release. You can read about the interview with Suemomo and see all the photographs here.

Falling in Love Again – Aurelia


I have waves of love for my girls. Sometimes I am bemused and stare at them on my shelf thinking I might have a little-person problem, and I really should downsize! And then other days, I am frantically enabling myself through blogs and flickr. It’s a terrible curse.

The worst though? Is when you take the girls out and you realise how amazing they are. This has happened to be for two girls recently, and what is special about them is that they are both customs. I’ll introduce the first one to you today, my Pullip Aurelia.