Lola, Oh sweet Lola

February is a horribly busy month for me. I teach an intensive at the University where we try to build a huge structure in a fortnight, and let’s just say its one tiring slog with not much sleep. Completely exhausting, and barely any sleep (I’m like a zombie that has emerged from a deep bottomless pit) so I apologize for the very slow dolly updates! (I’m also having an awful time deciding which girl to get… Kiyomi Mint? My Melody? The Little Prince girls? AH! TOO MANY, February!). I’ve managed over the last few days to get some rest, and now finally I can get back into my dolly mojo.

I managed to sneak over to pick up six very fabulous visitors though, which I will slowly introduce to everyone here. I also managed to do a very quick photoshoot with the first two… and what an absolutely special girl I have today.

Everyone, meet Lola.

Vainilladolly has been one of my favourite customisers for a very long time, and it was an absolute honour to have such a lovely girl visit me. Lola was customised by Vainilladolly last year, and by some magic ended up at my dolly hotel.

Look at her!

I’m not quite sure what a write-up on Lola would do, as pictures of her speak volumes. She’s carved with slightly parted lips in a peachy-pink colour. Her lips feature little exquisite lip-lines of detail, and within the shadow of her mouth you spot two tiny little teeth.

Can you see my teeth? I brush them well ❤

Her cheeks are blushed a girly peach, and her hair cut super-stylishly. Her little nose is a button, and over the top of her cheekbones you find a smattering of freckles.

Do you mind if I borrow Eeyore?

Her expression looks like she just did something a little naughty, a little secretive. She’s a pensive dreamer.


Her eyechips all match her wonderfully, with greens, blues, browns and olives. Some are metallic, some are a deep 3D-like chip, but all of them suit her to a tee.


Her eyelids are just gorgeous. They’re coloured in earthy tones with slight swirl-like seashells, with littlel dots of seafoam turquoise and creamy whites. The inside of the lids are gently blooming with pink.


How gorgeous is her little wardrobe! Made by the ever talented Dollywardrobe, she features colourful tights, furry pom-pommed leg warmers, and bright orange-rimmed boots. She wears a comfy white peasant-style skirt, with a sweater and warm scarf topping it off. Her head is adorned with a warm quilted olive hat. The detail in the clothes are just stunning!


She looks ready to take on the world.



She’s just totally friendly and fabulous. Nori had of course totally taken a huge liking to her as soon as she arrived.


The two spent Valentines day together ❤


Lola only has about a week left with me before I send her home to meet her new mum! I know that I’ll miss her when she’s gone, but I’ll be so happy to follow her adventures around the world.

Her stand was made by Dafnery. You can’t see it here because it’s magic and somehow holds her up perfectly.

Because how could you resist a face like that?