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Gothic Circus Alura, Oh!

Back in May, I excitedly shared Groove’s announcement that they would be releasing Alura as a Dolly Japan Magazine exclusive. Alura is the sister to Laura, released earlier this year and is part of the “Creator’s Label” collection. They are both styled by the ever-talented Laura (or Pure Embers as she is known on Flickr), and have a combined collaboration with Mistubachi@BabyBee (face up) x  Momolita (outfit).

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Rosey Tea Parties – Alice Du Jardin Mint!

I remember when I first started collecting Pullips. My brother had bought me a Hatsune Miku for my birthday, and I was researching them and wondering what they were all about. I fell in love with two – Kiyomi and Alice Du Jardin Mint. Kiyomi was available at the time, but I wasn’t ready to plunge (and I regret this every day) and Alice Du Jardin was long sold out. It didn’t help that many people stated she was their favourite, and watching videos of her (I’m looking at yours, Omochacrush!) really fuelled the lust. Some 25 dolls later, I still don’t have Kiyomi – but I do now have Mint!

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East of the Sun, West of the Moon

“Once upon a time there was a poor peasant who had so many children that he did not have enough of either food or clothing to give them. Pretty children they all were, but the prettiest was the youngest daughter, who was so lovely there was no end to her loveliness.”

Thus begins the fairy tale of a maiden who went searching for her love in a castle East of the Sun, and West of the Moon and her many trials and tribulations on the way. It was also the story that Melissa gave to me as inspiration for her girl.

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The Sailor’s Daughter – Pullip Merl

Merl. Kiyomi. Ally. These girls are constantly listed as perfect “beginner” dolls to introduce you into the Pullip world. With Merl – it’s not hard to see why. Re-chippable, flexible, and gorgeous, she constantly tops favourite lists. When she came back on sale after a period being of being difficult to find, I had to add her to my dolly family.