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Nori finally visits Big Ben

Nori at Northumberland

Over the last few days I’ve been frantically wrapping up things in London before I headed to Iceland. I managed to find a few moments to take Nori for a walk and head to Big Ben, the challenge put to me by Olive. First up, there was a tube strike, so I walked from the British Museum down to the river, past Covent Garden. Seriously, the city plays like a Monopoly board.

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Nori’s first day out in London

I had a bit of down time, and finally managed to brave the crowds of London to take Nori out for a bit. First off, we visited Harrods, which was just oozing in luxury and money. I made my way through the floors until, exhausted, I managed to find a tea room which sold cakes and tea in beautiful Wedgewood crockery. I then tried my best to give myself diabetes, by consuming a cake on my own.

Falling in Love Again – Aurelia


I have waves of love for my girls. Sometimes I am bemused and stare at them on my shelf thinking I might have a little-person problem, and I really should downsize! And then other days, I am frantically enabling myself through blogs and flickr. It’s a terrible curse.

The worst though? Is when you take the girls out and you realise how amazing they are. This has happened to be for two girls recently, and what is special about them is that they are both customs. I’ll introduce the first one to you today, my Pullip Aurelia.