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Lazy Summer Days~ JerryBerry Flower Shower Penny

The ‘Flower Shower’ girls (Penny and Berry) were the 18th Limited Edition releases for JerryBerry, and the Summer release for JerryBerry. When they were announced, I love all the teaser photographs for them. Light, airy, with a little summer breeze. The girls looked sleepy and glowy as they passed summer days and nights. With this in mind, and keen to see what the process was like to order a Limited doll from Jerryberry, plus I was in my Jerryberry loving mode. Penny arrived 6 weeks after I ordered her.

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Review: Pullip Luna Moon Princess`s Lover Kaguya

Quick preface – I kind of really love Sailor Moon. The first things I ever collected were artbooks… and Sailor Moon trinkets. I still have a sweet collection of star lockets, which I just adore. *Fighting Evil by Moonlight!* I of course was overjoyed when I saw Sailor Moon x Pullip, and jumped on Princess Serenity. I’ve been pretty good and restrained from buying others (I only have Sailor Neptune and Mars to add) but when human Luna was announced I was overjoyed. She was such a niche character!

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Lounging in the sun, miss Cherry Beach Sunset

I was disappointed when I didn’t win the lottery for Cherry Beach – but I guess one of the pros of yammering on about dolls all the time is that my friends start to recognise that I love them. One of them, happening upon this “Tan girl with a blue dress” in Hong Kong, asked me if I wanted to pick her up. Of course I did – and she was within $10 of RRP. I was stoked.

The Emerald-Haired Girl

One of the very first Blythe’s was enamoured with was Alexis Emerald. I lusted over her for a long time – before I started collecting. I loved her both in stock form and customised form. When Marrakesh Melange was released I thought that would satiate my need for a emerald-haired beauty… but the more I looked at comparison photos I knew it wasn’t the same. So I waited. And waited. Finally, months later, she showed up for a fantastic price (in Australia too!) on Dolly Adoption.

Meet Lexi.

Alexis Emerald