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Juniper, Miss Peppermint Goodness

I’ve had two Simply Peppermint’s and each time, I can’t bond to them. So, I sent them both off to get a new lease on life, and the first came home this week – Juniper (I named her Juniper meaning young and evergreen). Juniper was sent to the talented Christine at Forty Dolly Winks and I asked her to have fantasy coloured eyeshadows… and a secret little smile.

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Brunette Power and Unfortunate Fashion Choices

Recently I have been totally loving on my brunette girls Agnes (Lorshek Molseh) and my dark-locked Kenner Raven. I received a new hat from from Momo Penguinbaby which was this gorgeous knitted thing with built-in earmuffs and a tiny shroom on top, as well as a new dress from the Pumpkinbelle. So why not have the chocolate-haired girls model?

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Comparing the different bodies for Blythe

Recently, I’ve been looking at re-bodying my Forty Winks girl Quinn as I wanted a younger look for her. I was thinking of putting her on a Licca body (which I will do a tutorial for soon) but while I was at it, I thought I would show you the difference between three of the most popular Blythe bodies: the Standard Takara, the Pure Neemo S and the Licca.

<Warning! Dolly Nudity! Everywhere in this post!>