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Review: Pullip Luna Moon Princess`s Lover Kaguya

Quick preface – I kind of really love Sailor Moon. The first things I ever collected were artbooks… and Sailor Moon trinkets. I still have a sweet collection of star lockets, which I just adore. *Fighting Evil by Moonlight!* I of course was overjoyed when I saw Sailor Moon x Pullip, and jumped on Princess Serenity. I’ve been pretty good and restrained from buying others (I only have Sailor Neptune and Mars to add) but when human Luna was announced I was overjoyed. She was such a niche character!

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Poison Girl Chibi – Pretty in Pink

When it rains it pours right? I lusted over Poison Girl Pullips for the longest time, and I would wake up in the middle of the night (3am) to attempt to bid on or purchase one of her girls. Girls would dissapear within seconds – my internet could barely catch up. Toffee arrived recently and I was completely smitten. A few days later I was browsing facebook, when Chibi suddenly appeared for adoption. I pounced. Time differences later, Chibi came to live at Project Doll House. And I was over the moon.